Private Wine Tour Essentials

Planning a Private Wine Tour for each individual guest is our main priority, and we strive to build the most costume, unique itineraries for each group.

Private wine tour
Private Wine Tour Essentials

Private Wine Tour Essentials

Private Wine Tour Essentials

Planning a private wine tour can be a delightful experience, and there are several essentials to consider to make the most of your trip. Here’s a checklist to help you plan a memorable private Sonoma wine tour:

Private wine tour essentials
Private Wine Tour Essentials 4
Private wine tour essentials
Private Wine Tour Essentials 5
  1. Transportation:
    • Arranging for private transportation is your number one priority when exploring Sonoma and Napa wine country. North Bay Wine Tours ONLY offers private tours which means you will have a dedicated driver, an expert on local wine, activities, and a wine bestie, all in one just for your group. Sometimes sharing is not necessary!
    • North Bay Wine Tours offers private Tesla transportation for up to 4 guests with pick up options in Sonoma, Napa, Marin and San Francisco. We do our best to accommodate more remote pick up/drop off locations for an extra fee.
  2. Winery Reservations:
    • Research and select the wineries you want to visit. Many wineries in Sonoma and Napa require reservations for tastings, especially for private groups.
    • Contact the wineries you wish to visit in advance to schedule your tastings and inquire about any additional experiences they may offer.
    • Once again, we have a personal wine travel concierge to do all the work for you! We will ask for your wine preferences, budget, style and the overall vibe of the trip you want in order to build the best private wine tour possible. We love to feature small, family owned wineries, amazing architecture, and first timers’ must visit spots. Moreover, we have personal connections with some of the best wine makers in the area which allows us to bring you to otherwise not available wineries. Featured wineries:,
  3. Wine Tasting Fees:
    • Be aware of tasting fees at each winery and factor them into your budget. An average cost per tasting is $50-$150 based on the winery, experience, and season. In our questionnaire, we ask for your budget and preferences to make we are able to create a diverse tasting experience perfectly suited to you.
    • Joining a wine club at your favorite wineries is a great way to get your tasting fees back as well as get a discount on wines and shipping!
  4. Wine Tour Itinerary:
    • Plan a flexible itinerary, allowing some downtime between tastings. This ensures a more relaxed and enjoyable experience.
    • Consider the preferences of your group, such as specific types of wine (e.g., red, white, sparkling) or particular varietals.
    • Each tasting takes about 90 minutes and can run longer. We always recommend booking up to 3 tasting as a part of your private wine tour essentials. Allow for extra time to take photos, explore the grounds and for the drive between the wineries. Features tour itineraries:
  5. Food:
    • We provide a personalized charcuterie box to each guest on your private wine tour. A little cheese and crackers go a long way when wine tasting! We use local cheeses, meats and crackers to build your boxes, and are able to accommodate food allergies and restrictions.
    • Many wineries have on-site dining options, and North Bay Wine Tours prefers to book at least one winery with lunch options. Some wineries allow outside food, in which case you can bring your charcuterie boxes with you to enjoyed while wine tasting. Featured wineries with lunch options:,
  6. Water and Hydration:
    • Stay hydrated by bringing plenty of water, especially important when wine tasting.
    • Some wineries may provide water, but it’s always a good idea to have some on hand.
    • We provide a water bottle to ever guest in our tours.
  7. Wine Purchases:
    • Bring a wine tote or box to safely transport any wine purchases you make during your tour.
    • Consider the shipping options available at the wineries if you don’t want to carry your purchases with you.
  8. Weather-Appropriate Clothing:
    • Dress in layers and wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking through vineyards or winery grounds.
    • Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly, as temperatures can vary.
  9. Wine Education:
    • Brush up on basic wine tasting etiquette and terminology to enhance your experience.
    • Some wineries offer educational tours or tastings that provide insights into the winemaking process.
    • Ask questions! One of the best parts of visiting a winery is getting to learn about it’s history, winemaking practices, and just wine in general.
  10. Camera or Smartphone:
    • Capture memories by bringing a camera or smartphone for photos. Many wineries have picturesque views and beautiful settings. Our driver is happy to play paparazzi if wanted! If you’re celebrating a special occasion or planning a proposal, we have options for you (flower arrangement, special gifts, etc).
  11. Private Wine Tour Consultant:
    • North Bay Wine Tours provide your group with a private wine tour driver and consultant who is familiar with the region and can provide insights into the best wineries based on your preferences, facts about local culture, food, activities and history. We’re proud to be Sonoma Locals and love sharing our passion for the wine country!

Remember to enjoy the experience, savor the wines responsibly, and take in the beautiful surroundings of Sonoma and Napa County.

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Now that you’ve learned a few of our Private Wine Tour Essentials it’s time to plan your trip! Our Wine Country Expert can help you plan the perfect getaway.

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