Unique Animal Experiences in Sonoma

Unique animal experiences in sonoma
Unique Animal Experiences in Sonoma

Unique Animal Experiences in Sonoma

Charlie’s Acres

Charlie’s Acres is a unique and family friendly way to spend a few hours in Sonoma. Located right outside downtown, Charlie’s Acres provides a safe haven to over a hundred animals. Most of the animals come from farms and ranches where they’re no longer considered useful and about to be put down.

Luckily, amazing owners and volunteers at Charlie’s Acres are happy to take poor things in. You will learn each animal’s story, how they were rescued and how the quality of life and health have improved once at the sanctuary. Most of the animals are so friendly, you’ll be able to pet them, hang out together and build a bond.

Private and public tour are available to book online, kids educational classes, volunteer opportunities, goat yoga classes, and more.

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Unique Animal Experiences in Sonoma

Sonoma Valley Trail Rides

Female owned and operated, Sonoma Valley Trail Rides offers public and private horseback ride tours through vineyards or in an open space. Sonoma Valley Trail Rides is a unique animal experience in Sonoma where you get to spend time with the most beautiful horses while enjoying the views of the vineyards. A true wine country gem!

Sonoma Valley Trail Rides have two locations so make sure to book the right one. One of the ride options comes with a bottle of wine at the end of the experience! They also provide horsemanship classes for kids and adults.

Unique animal experiences in sonoma
Unique Animal Experiences in Sonoma

Safari West

Safari West was born in 1980s, when the owner and operator Peter purchased 400 acres of land in the Sonoma mountains. Safari West is committed to providing the highest quality of care to all animals via training, habitat design, feeding and social interactions. On the Safari West Day Tripper, you will have a change to see zebras, birds, cheetahs, giraffes, and many other unique animals. The offers include daily public safari jeep tours, luxury safari tents for overnight stay, lunch and dinner options.

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Unique Animal Experiences in Sonoma


Goatlandia’s mission is to have fun while helping animals. All goats are rescues and have the best forever home at the sanctuary. Did you know that goats are kind of like dogs?! They love your attention and bond with humans easily. That’s how goat yoga happened 🙂 This opportunity to meet and bond with the animals comes with information about the extensive environmental impact of animal agriculture on our climate and planet. Goatlandia offers public tours on weekends.

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While the Unique Animal Experiences in Sonoma don’t allow dogs, we have a ton of suggestions on where to take your fur friends while wine tasting in wine country. Check out Dog Friendly Sonoma Wineries and Hotels.

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